Sunday, May 18, 2014

Stagnant Impression

....well, back again, and again and again. And yup as the title implies this is the somewhat state of my creativity . I feel like this stagnant thing became more noticeable sometime last year. As previous posts in this blog hints I always had a bit of trouble of staying consistent with sketching or drawing. Sure every now and then i would do something; working on a kinda freelance project or just a sketch... But last year I kinda...imprisoned myself....  A part of this imprisonment was letting go and  recklessly giving in to unnecessary distractions. And at the same time a part of me feels some of those distractions...were kinda meant to be...(a lesson learned that was already known...) Thankfully I didn't fall into anything too serious that would have put me in a horrible predicament that either I would have trouble rebounding from or not rebounding at all.

Nobody's perfect; the excuse and the fact; the fact that vs the excuse, the fact that shouldn't be handled as simply an excuse.

And I have to say, now I'm sorta getting back to normal (well, what I consider normal for me) Ha ha, here I am babbling like this is some kinda confessional....(well I guess it sort of is, isn't it?)

And at least I'm not totally stagnant. I am kinda moving forward at a steady pace; that mostly involves work and in result possibly living conditions (not to jinx it, really not to jinx it).

 As always here I go again....Another attempt to hone in on that creative spark that has now sunken deeper into some kind of obscurity. But I feel that spark; I see it and as faint as it may seem it's there and why not make an attempt to make something out of it, regardless if time and time again it sinks into some kinda almost hopeless obscurity; it's still there. I may come off as being naive and somewhat immature when I mention this but I'll mention it anyway ; I hope I'm not too late...