Sunday, July 3, 2011

And so it begins; or continues...(A battle...)

So, it's about time I start to manifest my recent visions on paper...And here it is, Cynical Quack against the negative forces of Paranoia and Doubt... Yeah it really is hard to see; it's more figurative than anything
Well as always these are just sketches - but really I believe I should have an actual finished end result by the start of the week. Honestly the character; Cynical Quack, is not really the fighting type; not that it can't, it's just that's not it's style. Cynical Quack is more of ...thinker; in fact that's what it mostly does, and believes that's pretty much the basis of it's existence... There's a whole lot more to this; more of a deeper plot - I'll reveal more once I put up more sketches and possibly a finished drawing.
Yeah, it doesn't fit with the supposed vibe of the holiday in progress, but it sorta relates to at least the vibe that's been brewing within me for a good amount of time - isn't that fair enough?