Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Shoo Demons Shoo

A semi quick sketch of Cynical Quack, being harassed by demons.
It's just a sketch for now, but it's an idea I definitely want to continue to develop into an ongoing theme. Still developing the origins of CQ (or lack there of...) but I think it would be cool if it had demons to fend off every now and then. We all have or develop our own demons every now and then; don't we? Giving CQ it's own demons might help any future or current viewers relate to the character in some way. Honestly I like to play with the idea of demons; figurative or literal...literal-well you know what I mean.
I definitely know I have my own demons I'm dealing with at the moment - thankfully they are not extreme; but they are annoying...especially at this hour, which is 3:37AM 5/25/11

Sunday, May 1, 2011

So Here We Go... (Cynical Quack 2011)

....should have put this together last night-and I tried; but a little bit of fatigue and perfectionism got the best of me (sorry - ok no more excuses). Well, he's back; Cynical Quack (...that rhymes, heheh). With a good bit of unexpected positive motivation, Cynical Quack is being revived; but a bit me...It seems like I have had this character manifesting and developing in my mind for quite some time; and I have been a bit unfair to give Quack I had something a little bit more grander in mind; but probably better just to put something out there, and continue to develop more regularly. Well, it's time to put a bit more effort into this duck; we're not getting any younger....